Video Telematics Solutions

TUTK provides a range of IoT technologies and cloud-based solutions tailored for the video telematics sector. Live view, event recording, and push notification are among the highly sought-after services offered by TUTK in the field of telematics. These services assist fleet managers in operating their fleets with enhanced security and efficiency

Cloud VMS Banner

Cloud VMS

Cloud VMS (Cloud Video Management System) is a web-based platform that allows fleet managers to easily view live feeds from the dashcams installed in vehicles on a webpage without installing any app or software.


Cloud Recording

TUTK’s Cloud Recording service encompasses cloud video recording, cloud video storage, and additional features. In the event of anomalies, these incidents are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud for subsequent investigation and forensic purposes.

TUTK Account and Device Management


With TUTK’s AM/DM (Account and Device Management), fleet managers can register telematics devices individually or in bulk. This allows them to readily manage and check the status of the devices. It also lowers the cost and effort when managing and deploying large amounts of telematics devices and accounts.

Device / Data Management Platform


TUTK’s DMP (Data / Device Management Platform) provides a superb user experience for monitoring IoT devices and data. It is particularly ideal for fleet managers to analyze fleet-related data and to receive insights.

TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service


TUTK’s KPNS (Kalay Push Notification Service ) enables third-party application developers to send notifications to mobile devices with different operating systems.
It can also notify fleet managers via communication applications when events happen, which provides them additional time to respond.

Case Studies

TUTK and OTUS Announce Partnership for Telematics Video Solution

TUTK and OTUS announced the partnership for fleet video solution, where TUTK offers web-based video player, video streaming connection, cloud recording, and OTUS offers Wi-Fi-enabled HD dual-lens dashcam.

Mobility In Harmony

TUTK is a member of MIH Open EV Alliance.
TUTK aims to contribute its expertise on create innovative solutions for mobility service applications.

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