IoT Solutions to Realize Smart Agriculture Business

Smart Agriculture

The global agriculture and livestock farming industries are suffering from a shortage of manpower and productivity due to issues such as aging populations and declining birthrates.


In the process of transitioning from one generation to the next, Taiwan’s dairy farmers, have taken notice of IoT and smart devices use in other countries to effectively help increase production capacity. As soaring prices of imported dairy products has been a major issue, Taiwan dairy farmers are looking to introduce new technologies to tackle these challenges.

Farms and Agricultural Landscapes


The core technologies of smart IoT are fundamentally based on existing connectivity software, image transmission technology, and cloud platform functions. Collaborative studies were carried out with many dairy farms in Taiwan to create a “Smart Dairy Farming Solution,” built specifically around Taiwan’s climate and environment. Sensor systems for monitoring the herd’s movements and physiological conditions, thermal imaging cameras, and automated IoT environmental control devices were developed to collect data, which are then analyzed in the cloud-based expert system. Through the web platform and application interface, the advanced system can establish an early warning mechanism to provide recommendations to improve dairy cows’ health, increase milk production, and reduce management costs. The solution aims to promote self-sustainable systems for Taiwan’s dairy farming industry.

System Architecture and Industry Applications

TUTK Expert System for Data Analysis