P2P / IoT Connection

P2P / IoT Connection technology delivers easy, fast and secure connections between IoT devices and mobile Apps directly

Benefits of P2P/IoT Connection

High Penetration Rate

Enable effective and fast interconnection of IoT devices, unrestricted by brand, manufacturer, or different communication protocols.

Supporting 270+ SoC

Supporting 270+ SoC options, our standardized integration software/firmware process significantly speeds up the time-to-market for product development.


P2P technology makes direct communication between end users and IoT devices possible, while effectively saving server and bandwidth costs.

Smart Assistant Compatibility

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart assistants. Enable IoT devices to integrate into smart home solutions readily.

Price Transparency

We offer billing based on bandwidth usage, and we provide the Kalay Developer Console for you to track and review your usage and purchased services.

Safe and Secure

Leverage a decentralized structure allowing you to interact directly with your devices, without having any data stored in the cloud. We reassure you a top of the line data transfer security with DTLS 1.2 protocol.


IP Camera

TUTK’s P2P/IoT Connection technology provides an ideal solution for IP cameras (IP cams), particularly when combined with Cloud Recording. This technology effectively addresses the challenges of large bandwidth requirements and video storage capacity in video streaming transmission.

Baby Camera

Parents cannot be with their babies at all times, but with TUTK’s P2P/IoT Connection technology, baby cameras (baby cams) provide a solution that allows parents to remotely monitor their infants and keep an eye on their activities even when they are not physically present.

Pet Camera

With TUTK’s P2P/IoT Connection technology, pet cameras (pet cams) empower pet parents to remotely monitor their pets and prevent various dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations, such as the ingestion of harmful substances.

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