Smart Surveillance Solutions

TUTK provides smart surveillance solutions that allow businesses to provide numerous surveillance services for their customers. Businesses can also adopt TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS, Cloud Video Management System (VMS), Hausetopia APP, P2P/IoT Connection, or Data/Device Management Platform (DMP) services to enrich their surveillance services.


VSaaS PaaS

VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS includes cloud video recording, cloud video storage, and more. It also enables businesses to provide cloud recording plans for their end customers.

TUTK Cloud Video Management System

Cloud Video Management System

Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS) allows users to access real-time videos, record, store, and playback recorded videos. It can also combine WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology to allow users to view live feeds from cameras through a webpage without installing any app or software.

TUTK Accident Analysis

Hausetopia App

Hausetopia is a multi-functional, multi-purpose application that enables businesses to provide various comprehensive video surveillance services for their customers.

TUTK P2P / IoT Connection

P2P / IoT Connection

TUTK’s P2P / IoT Connection technology offers a fast, easy to set up, stable and secure connection between IoT devices and end users’ devices, which in turn allows end-users to remotely access or control IoT devices. Security devices such as IP cams, DVRs, and NVRs are particularly suitable to utilize this technology to ensure a smart surveillance environment.

Device / Data Management Platform

Data / Device Management Platform

TUTK’s Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) provides an excellent data management experience for businesses to collect, store, view data, and manage surveillance devices remotely.