Smart Building Solutions

TUTK provides smart building solutions that use various TUTK’s IoT technologies and cloud-based platforms, and it empowers real estate companies to create a secure and comfortable environment for occupants.

TUTK Accident Analysis

Hausetopia App

Hausetopia is a multi-function, multi-purpose application that enables real estate companies to provide comprehensive services for the occupants, such as booking common areas, paying association fees, etc.


VSaaS PaaS

VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS refers to cloud video recording services. The service includes cloud video recording and cloud storage, and it enables real estate companies to apply video surveillance solutions to enhance building security at a convince.

TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service

Kalay Push Notification Service

TUTK’s Kalay Push Notification Service (KPNS) enables third-party application developers to send notifications to mobile devices with different operating systems. Real estate companies can apply KPNS on their existing smart building apps and send notifications to the occupants. KPNS allows the occupants to receive the important announcements in time and take action accordingly.

Device / Data Management Platform

Device Management Platform

TUTK’s Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) was designed to provide a better IoT device and data management user experience. Therefore, DMP is suitable for real estate companies to manage the IoT devices installed in smart buildings.

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