Environmental Sustainability

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

In alignment with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we focus on improving energy efficiency and utilizing recycled materials with minimal environmental impact. This supports the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources. Additionally, we consider the ecological benefits of our operations and actively promote sustainable consumption. Throughout our research and development, procurement, production, operations, and services, we adhere to the following principles to minimize the impact of our operations on the natural environment and human well-being:

  • Reduce the resource and energy consumption of products and services.
  • Minimize the emission of pollutants, toxic substances, and waste, ensuring proper waste handling.
  • Enhance the recyclability and reuse of raw materials.
  • Maximize the sustainable use of renewable resources.
  • Improve the stability of product quality.
  • Increase the effectiveness of products and services.

Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction

Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction Measures

  • Our office lighting has been fully converted to LED energy-saving lamps as part of our commitment.
  • We have also implemented “Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction Management Measures,”which encourages all colleagues to adopt energy-saving practices, such as the efficient usage of computers/business machines, reducing lighting during off-peak office hours, utilizing fixed temperatures and fans for air conditioners, and choosing environmentally friendly raw materials for daily cleaning supplies. These measures contribute to energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a smaller scale.
  • Implementation of Waste Sorting and Resource Recycling
    The primary objective of waste sorting is to enhance the reuse rate of recyclable resources and reduce waste disposal costs, contributing to carbon emission reduction. With just a little effort from every colleague, we can diminish the consumption of Earth’s resources, bringing us closer to the goal of “Comprehensive Sorting/Zero Waste.”

Environmental Protection

Ocean Respect Beach Clean-Up Activity

In an activity initiated by the Employee Welfare Committee, we led colleagues and their families to the beach near the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST) in Keelung to pick up garbage. Although our beach cleaning range was limited compared with the vastness of the ocean, we still aspired to return this small piece of pure land to its pristine state. More importantly, we aimed to educate children on environmental protection through their actions and instill the significance of waste classification in safeguarding marine ecology.

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