Cloud Recording

Save your video clips securely in the cloud and retrieve them wherever and whenever with TUTK Cloud Recording


VSaaS PaaS

Remotely store, manage, record, play, and monitor video footage in the cloud

TUTK Cloud Recording includes video recording, storage, and more, and it enables users to remotely store, manage, record, and monitor footage of video surveillance products in the cloud. It provides several distinguishing features to empower enterprises aiming to provide value-added services for their customers.


Sensible Recording Experience

Select full-time or event-based recording with subscription plans based on your needs.

Product Development Boost

Simply apply TUTK’s SDK and APIs to accelerate your product development processes.

Device & Account Information Platform

Provide information regarding subscription plan, device quantity, account information and contract to customers.

Additional AI Features

Incorporate smart voice assistant or AI image recognition services to expedite your daily tasks.

Customization Beyond Imagination

Build apps with customized applications and user interfaces to provide a comprehensive solution to you and your customers.

Safe and Secure

Leverage a decentralized structure allowing you to interact directly with your devices, without having any data stored in the cloud. We reassure you a top of the line data transfer security with DTLS 1.2 protocol.


TUTK Cloud Recording is a platform that allows users to stream videos at any given time or store videos on the cloud. It streamlines the processes between users and devices to provide a smooth and safe monitoring experience.

VSaaS PaaS Architecture

TUTK Cloud Recording includes a backend server and storage hosted by TUTK.


Accident Analysis

Accident Analysis

TUTK has delivered cloud recording services to several world-renowned surveillance and telecommunication companies to facilitate incident analysis. TUTK Cloud Recording can save the hassle of troubleshooting damaged or stolen hard drives.

TUTK AI Services

AI Services

Leverage and integrate third-party AI services to reduce video interpretation and processing time. TUTK also partners with telecom companies to deliver cloud-based video and AI solutions to users.

TUTK Secure with Ease

Manage Videos with Ease

TUTK Cloud Recording offers companies an efficient solution for managing and storing video footage. By utilizing features such as full-time or event-based recording and cloud storage, companies can significantly enhance their operational efficiency.


Professional Surveillance

TUTK Cloud Recording allows surveillance solution providers to store monitoring video footages securely in the cloud and offer various video storage plans for their customers. Surveillance solution providers can easily integrate SDKs and APIs to expedite the product development processes.

IP Cam Monitoring

Consumer devices such as video doorbells, baby cams, or pet cams that have built-in IP cams are ideal to apply TUTK Cloud Recording. This allows end users to check full-time or event-based recordings via a mobile app.

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