Account and Device Management

Overseeing account registration, account binding, as well as monitoring and remote managing connected devices with Account and Device Management


ThroughTek Account and Device Management

Register, monitor and manage connected devices

As many IoT deployments consist of numerous devices, it is indispensable to manage and monitor connected device groups. Through TUTK’s Account and Device Management (AM/DM) service, users can register their devices individually or in bulk, and manage accounts with ease. Users can also organize their devices, manage and check the status of any connected devices; furthermore, it reduces the cost and effort of managing large and diverse IoT device deployments and accounts.


Reliable Cloud Service

Flexible and reliable public, private, and hybrid cloud services to meet your various needs including Internet of Things connection, account management and device management.

Customized Service

Tailor-made your interfaces and backend system to provide a refreshing user experience.

Facilitate Data Analysis

Export user and device data to analyze and to build visual reports, allowing data to transfer between platforms.

3rd Party Login Methods

Users can login with their Apple ID, Google or Facebook account and password.

Boost Work Efficiency

Streamlines the processes of user and device deployment and management while providing API for a shorter IT development period.

Safe and Secure

Two step verification method to ensure data security for accounts and devices.


Account and Device Management


TUTK Accident Analysis

Operation Team

TUTK provides a monitoring platform that can be accessed by the operation member to:

  • overview the status of account and device statistics.
  • search the user or the device UDID for more info in order to troubleshoot users’ feedback.
  • export the data for internal usage.
TUTK AI Services


TUTK supports multi-login entry for the users. Users can choose to create a new account or login with Apple, Google or Facebook ID. User information will be secured in the cloud. Also, users have the authority to delete accounts.

TUTK Secure with Ease


TUTK is able to customize with preferred color, logo, string modification for any brand company. Brand companies can also integrate TUTK’s cloud services if they have their own account management / device management services already. We provide API for integration as well as technical consultation.

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