Cloud Solution Designed for IoT Devices

What is Kalay ?

Kalay [kaˇleiˋ]

Kalay is an indigenous Dawu word that means “handshake”, symbolizing the universal link in an interconnected world.

Kalay Platform

In the initial stage, based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) connection technology, a variety of modular features were developed as the backbone of the Kalay Platform.
With the Kalay Platform, customers can create various smart products / smart services that are easy to operate, stable to connect, and secure by software/firmware integration.

The Kalay Platform is widely used for various application fields. Based on the Kalay Platform, TUTK provides customized, project-based, and application (App) development services that help customers to develop smart products / smart services
and enter the IoT market quickly.

In addition, customers can adopt TUTK’s products, such as Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS), Hausetopia App, and Data/Device Management Platform (DMP) which are developed with the core technology of the Kalay platform to enrich their smart products / smart services.

Kalay Platform 2.0

Kalay was recently upgraded in late 2019 !

To realize a true Internet of Everything (IoE), TUTK developed a new decentralized architecture to create more efficient connections, simplified integration processes, and reinforced data security. Kalay 2.0 enables integration of video surveillance equipment, smart consumer products, and a variety of sensors to allow brand name manufacturers, telecoms providers, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, and other service providers to offer smart solutions that are safer, more convenient, and more flexible for users to enjoy.

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