Protecting and Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

Data Protection Safeguards

Ensuring data security for both client and device endpoints is the foundation of all cloud services because, as users control devices through their smartphones, critical data is transmitted over the network from end to end.

As a pioneer in the IoT platform, TUTK has a strict commitment to ensuring the protection and security of data for our customers. Therefore, the Kalay platform incorporates multiple layers of protection, including cloud servers, firmware technology, and encryption authentication mechanisms.

TUTK adheres unwaveringly to the highest standards of data security protection, prioritizing the privacy and trust of our customers.

Privacy Protection Safeguards

Kalay platform hosts a vast array of interconnected products that contain a significant amount of users’ private data.

We understand that our customers and users value and are concerned about their privacy rights.

By referring to our privacy protection policy, you can learn how we fulfill our commitment to safeguarding your privacy.



TUTK Product Security Incident Response Team (TUTK PSIRT) is the coordination center for all the vulnerability issues and incidents associated with TUTK products. ​

Compliance and Certification

Information Security Management System
ISO/IEC 27001

General Data Protection Regulation

California Consumer
Privacy Act

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