Build Your Smart Solutions with TUTK Products

TUTK develops various IoT products including Kalay PaaS Solutions, Apps, Management Portals, 3rd Party Integration, and Customization Services to help our customers quickly build their smart solutions

Kalay PaaS Solution


VSaaS PaaS

Save your video clips securely in the cloud and retrieve them wherever and whenever with TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS.

TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service

Kalay Push Notification Service

Enable app developers to send notifications to the devices with different operating systems.

TUTK P2P / IoT Connection

P2P / IoT Connection

P2P / IoT Connection provides easy, fast, and secure connections between IoT devices and end-users directly.

TUTK Account and Device Management

Account and Device Management

Oversee account registration, account binding, as well as monitoring and remote managing connected devices.




Hausetopia is a leading smart home mobile app that allows users to manage their smart home devices at a convenience.

Management Portal

Device / Data Management Platform

Device / Data Management Platform

Automatically collect, process, and analyze IoT devices’ data with TUTK’s Data/Device Management Platform.

TUTK Cloud Video Management System

Cloud Video Management System

Cloud Video Management System is a web-based platform that helps customers check video anytime and anywhere.

3rd Party Integration

Smart Assistant Service-Ceres

Smart Assistant Service - Ceres

CERES represents a Connective, Easy, Reliable, Effective, and Smart assistant service.


TUTK Customization Service

Customization Service

Create your own IoT platform with TUTK’s Customization Service.

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