Kalay IoT Module

Build robust IoT devices with Kalay IoT Module

IoT devices with built-in Kalay IoT modules can be best integrated with the Kalay AIoT Platform and managed by Kalay management platforms. Based on the connectivity requirements, you can use Kalay IoT modules integrated with Nebula, Nebula with MQTT, or TUTK RTC for your IoT devices.
With Kalay IoT modules, various operational features, such as OTA, KPNS, push notification, and BLE/WiFi configuration provided by TUTK can be added to your IoT devices. That will save hassles in product development and accelerate time-to-market.

Benefits of Kalay IoT Module

Best integrated with Kalay AIoT Platform

Provide various options for data transmission

Include operational features powered by TUTK

How Kalay IoT Module Works

Kalay Module Steps

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