Hausetopia App

Hausetopia is a leading smart home mobile application that allows users to manage their smart home devices at a convenience

Hausetopia App Introduction

TUTK Hausetopia App

A multi-function, multi-purpose smart home app

Hausetopia is a multi-function, multi-purpose application that delivers a secured and connected environment for its end users. It is also the perfect solution for service providers who is in urgent need of a ready-to-use application to shorten product to market time.

Moreover, Hausetopia can support IP cameras and IoT devices coming from different platforms, allowing them to be used interconnectedly under the same account. End users can watch IP camera’s live view, create and watch event-triggered clips, create smart automations, make in-app purchases, or use voice command to control devices with Google Home or Alexa.

Benefits of Hausetopia App

Support Various Platforms

Regardless if it’s an IP camera, IoT device or gateway, Hausetopia can support devices of various platforms: WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, etc.

Direct, Simple and Fast

TUTK allows devices to connect directly with each other without having to go to a cloud server to sync and exchange data.


Hausetopia offers a variety of features including account management, device management, P2P, cloud recording, payments, Ceres, and more.

Quick Integration

It’s an easy and fast integration process. Simply apply, integrate and test.

Customizable UI

Vendors can customize UI based on own product’s functions easily at no additional cost.

Available Now

Available on Google Play and App store. TUTK will also deliver new features and updates to enhance your user experiences.


Submit Business Inquiries

Submit Business Inquiries

Discuss requirements with TUTK sales

Exchange Information for Implementation

Exchange Information for Implementation

  • Sign NDA and exchange info.
  • Apply TUTK to start implementing right away
Submit for Certification Testing

Submit for Certification Testing

Complete implementation and self-tests for certification testing

Pass Hausetopia Certification

Pass Hausetopia Certification

Product has been certified and ready for launch


Accident Analysis<br />

Smart Home Security

Control and manage your IoT devices with Hausetopia all at once. Whether you want to remotely turn on/off smart light bulbs, get notified when your window or door is open, understand current status or check devices’ historical data, Hausetopia can help achieve them all. You can also set your own automation rules and modes such as wake-up mode or away mode to make your devices act even smarter.
Not only can IoT devices be used at home, but they can also be used in other environments as long as automation rules are set according to surrounding requirements.
Example devices include door/window sensor, PIR sensor, smart light bulb, smart plug, temperature and humidity sensor, smoke detector, and much more.

TUTK Smart Surveillance

Smart Surveillance

Monitor your area of interest with camera integrated devices like door phone or pet cam. You can watch live views at any time from anywhere, communicate with the device end using two-way audio, receive push notifications when events are triggered, or record events with cloud recordings to watch and download later.

Example devices include IP cameras, door phones, baby monitors, pet feeding devices, and more.

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