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About ThroughTek (TUTK)

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The ThroughTek brand was originally named Si-Lu Tie-Ke, the Chinese transliteration of the English name ThroughTek. During the early developmental stage of the Internet of Things, founder and president Patrick Kuo saw an opportunity to make everything connected in a smarter, more intelligent, and more convenient way. Hence, he renamed Si-Lu Tie-Ke as ThroughTek in 2011 and applied for the trademark registration.


During the early stages of its establishment, the company focused on developing point-to-point (P2P) connection and data transmission technologies based on NAT traversal router technology. These technologies were designed to be easy to set up, operate, and provide higher penetration rates and security. The company adopted the composite word “Through” and “Tech” in its English name, and successfully registered it as a trademark.


ThroughTek can be abbreviated into TUTK. Our company logo consists of TUTK plus a curved quadrilateral made up of thick lines extending outwards in four different directions. When each end point in the quadrilateral connects to one another, they form an interwoven network, symbolizing ThroughTek’s assiduous efforts towards the development of the IoT. The company trademark has been duly registered.

The company’s development process

Established in 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, ThroughTek is a solution provider for IoT cloud services platforms, and has been committed to the development of device connectivity technology and cloud services platforms. During the early stages of the company, ThroughTek was focused on developing user-friendly point-to-point (P2P) connection technology that would be mainly applied to consumer-grade video surveillance products. However, with the rise of the IoT, there was a corresponding increase in the demand for software connectivity solutions between increasingly diverse hardware products. Consequently, due to ThroughTek’s abundant experience in software and hardware integration, the company formally transformed into a software company in 2012. The Kalay Cloud Platform was launched in 2014 in order to expand the scope of the company’s services for enterprises that wanted to invest in the development of IoT.

Thanks to its excellent P2P connection technology, the Kalay Cloud Platform is capable of bridging different operating systems and providing scalable modular functionalities, thereby leveraging the cloud to add value to the products of brand name manufacturers and hardware manufacturers. Based on the core technology of Kalay, ThroughTek has established close partnerships with major global OEMs/ODMs, brand name manufacturers, system integration providers, and chipset vendors.

Based on each client’s requirements, ThroughTek can accelerate clients’ product development, reduce their time to market, and help them slash operation costs.  Furthermore, the Kalay platform’s APIs can be opened to third-party connections, thereby providing more diverse business services models to customers. Currently over 10 modular functionalities are available, such as image transmission, cloud video recording, data collection and analysis, remote control and management of hardware devices, push notifications, and more. This platform offers clients customized services based on their needs and different markets.

ThroughTek upgraded the Kalay platform in 2019 to better meet clients’ diverse needs and provide more comprehensive IoT cloud service solutions in pursuit to help clients optimize users’ experiences and business opportunities. Looking to the future, ThroughTek will continue to strengthen our partnerships with brand name manufacturers, telecoms providers, and system integration providers, while further expanding our services to different IoT vertical markets.

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