Kalay Platform

High-performance, scalable, and time-to-market


Kalay Platform Advantages

Global Business Network

  • AWS, AliYun and cloud architecture
  • Connecting more than 98 million pieces of IoT devices in 190 countries
  • More than 80% of the devices are security and surveillance-related end user products

Efficient and Secure Architecture

  • Enhanced security and transmission efficiency with a decentralized architecture
  • Define rules and create custom triggers to optimize the user experience
  • Develop GUI to visualize data analytics to provide valuable insights and improve business performances

Flexible Cloud Platforms

  • Supports cross-platform communications protocols
  • Select a cloud platform that best suits and reflects your industry needs
  • Develop APIs to integrate a wide range of products and services

Accelerate Firmware Integration and Time-to-Market

  • Supports over 270+ SoCs and 50 international chipset vendors
  • Standardized software/firmware integration and certification to help customers quickly deploy and bring smart products to the market