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Completion of Comprehensive Server Updates

Issue Time: February 2024

The large-scale server updates were completed on February 5th, 2024 (Taiwan time, UTC+8). This update includes enhancements in cybersecurity and system optimization, aiming to provide our customers with a more secure, stable, and efficient service experience. ThroughTek sincerely appreciates your continuous support and expresses gratitude for your understanding of the upgrade process.

Note to customers: To ensure you fully benefit from the optimizations introduced by this updates, ThroughTek strongly recommends updating your SDK to the latest version to ensure compatibility with the latest server releases. This not only ensures access to the latest features but also enhances security and performance capabilities for customers.

Cloud-based services and cybersecurity require continuous enhancement, ThroughTek remains dedicated to the continuous improvement of all services, ensuring the highest levels of security. For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact our FAE team. Your ongoing support is profoundly valued.


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