Cloud Platform Solution for Automated Data Synchronization


Account and Device Management

Main Feature

A maintenance team dedicated to ensure the stability of the server and provide flexible, modular solutions to reduce your development time.

5 Advantages

Reliable cloud service technology for IoT connectivity

Modular features to provide flexible and scalable solutions

Full-scale service with a dedicated team to provide real-time monitoring and server maintenance

Easily customizable UI/UX text strings and button designs

Two-factor authentication to ensure data security of user and device

Suitable Products

Any smart device that offers networking capabilities requiring account management, device management, and data analytics solution.

Other Features

Two-factor Authentication

Password and verification code for extra layer of security

Device Sharing

Push Notifications

Social Login

Sign in using Facebook or Google account

Custom Avatar

Allow users to manage devices

Backend Management System

Export user and device information, visualize data, and customize more tools

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