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Please Update the SDK Version to Minimize the Risk of Unauthorized Parties Accessing Sensitive Information

Issue Time: January, 2024

ThroughTek (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), as a cloud service provider, consistently safeguards information security. In addition to our internally deployed multiple layers of protection, we have partnered with external cybersecurity firms to enhance cybersecurity. Recently, our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) received notification that certain program vulnerabilities may pose a risk of unauthorized access to device-side data. In response, we not only have completed the patching of these vulnerabilities but are also going to initiate a large-scale update for all servers. We strongly recommend that our customers upgrade all devices within the specified scope to the latest version of the SDK. This ensures proper protection of the personal data of device users, with strengthened robust data security mechanisms and optimizations for operational efficiency.

Suggested Device Update Scope

Devices developed using certain APIs within the SDK versions to, whether it be openssl or mbedtls.

The latest SDK version includes a series of security improvements to prevent known malicious attack methods. Through server updates, a more comprehensive protection mechanism will be provided, enhancing the reliability of the services offered by our company beyond industry standards. Regarding the device upgrade process for our customers, we have prepared detailed update guidelines and the necessary technical support. If any assistance is required, please feel free to contact our FAE team at any time.

ThroughTek continues to implement various information security management measures while adhering to the principles of information transparency and timely disclosure. We value the support of our customers and partners and remain committed to optimizing our SDK and related services to ensure top-quality performance.

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