TUTK P2P Connection Technology

TUTK P2P connection technology enhances data transmission security while saving bandwidth and reducing costs, laying a solid foundation for smart connectivity.

Benefits of Adopting TUTK P2P Connection Technology

From its inception, ThroughTek has focused on developing point-to-point connection and data transmission technologies, based on NAT traversal router technology. This led to the creation of the TUTK P2P connection technology, known for its easy setup, simplicity, high penetration rate, and enhanced security. This technology is particularly suitable for products that need to transmit large audio and video files. As of today, over 120 million devices have been connected with ThroughTek’s P2P connection license, and it continues to be favored by customers worldwide due to the following benefits:

• Enhanced Security

TUTK P2P connection technology directly connects the Device and the Client, reducing the risk of data transmission via servers. This minimizes the possibility of malicious third-party tampering or leakage, providing better protection for user privacy.

Recently, the importance of cybersecurity was highlighted when the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged the internationally renowned company Ring for failing to implement adequate security measures, leading to user accounts being easily hacked. As a result, Ring was required to pay over $5.6 million in refunds to its users¹. This incident underscores the importance of security measures. Adopting TUTK P2P connection technology can reduce the occurrence of similar incidents, thereby protecting user privacy and data security.

• Cost Savings

TUTK P2P connection technology revolutionizes the traditional central server connection model by directly connecting devices and users, effectively eliminating redundant data transmission links and significantly reducing the costs of setting up and maintaining central servers, as well as data transmission network traffic fees. This is particularly important in today’s world where videos are increasingly being presented in high definition, resulting in larger video file sizes and higher bandwidth consumption. TUTK P2P connection technology’s bandwidth-saving advantages are particularly prominent, further reducing costs for customers, especially for products that require high-definition video transmission quality. This is a critical cost-control aspect that is often overlooked in the early stages of product design.

• Value-added Services

Customers who purchase TUTK P2P connection services will be able to use our KDC platform services for free. Through the KDC backend, you can check the traffic usage of your products at any time and query cloud storage consumption records. You can also purchase additional traffic when approaching the limit to avoid service interruptions. Additionally, our company offers senior technical consulting services to assist customers with device integration and accelerate product time-to-market. We provide a complete solution that includes device connection, a pre-built App, and a cloud management platform, supporting customers throughout the entire product lifecycle.

• Efficient Transmission

TUTK P2P connection technology is highly suitable for transmitting large data, such as audio and video files, because it doesn’t rely on relay servers² to transfer data. This reduces transmission latency, making it ideal for products that require real-time video viewing. In the IoT era, TUTK P2P connection technology has been widely applied to various smart devices, such as video doorbells, smart locks, IP cameras, baby monitors, pet feeders, 4G dashcams, and NAS devices. These devices benefit from the efficient transmission capabilities of this technology, enhancing product advantages and reducing server traffic costs for customers. For example, a globally renowned baby monitor manufacturer recognized these advantages of TUTK P2P connection technology. After rigorously evaluating solutions from multiple providers, they ultimately chose TUTK’s solution for their products. This decision not only reduced their traffic costs but also significantly improved their product competitiveness and user experience.

Products suitable for TUTK P2P Connection Technology

The Foundation of Intelligent Connectivity

TUTK  P2P connection technology not only provides a more secure connection for smart devices but also serves as a key to achieving the Internet of Everything (IoT). TUTK has been deeply committed to IoT-related technologies for many years to meet diverse customer needs and contribute to the global development of IoT. If you have any questions or needs regarding our products and services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a smarter and safer future together.

Note¹: FTC Sends Refunds to Ring Customers Stemming from 2023 Settlement over Charges the Company Failed to Block Employees and Hackers from Accessing Consumer Videos: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2024/04/ftc-sends-refunds-ring-customers-stemming-2023-settlement-over-charges-company-failed-block

Note²: In the initial setup phase of TUTK P2P connection, the Device and Client need to go through authentication and registration with the Master Server and P2P Server. Once a direct connection is established between the two parties, the Master Server and P2P Server will exit the connection process.

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