Thank You for Visiting ThroughTek at Secutech 2024

We appreciate your visit to ThroughTek at Secutech 2024! It was a pleasure engaging with you on your security requirements and showcasing how TUTK Cloud VMS can benefit you. We trust you found our demonstration both informative and captivating. Your interest in learning more about our company and solutions is greatly valued by our team.

Following your visit to Secutech 2024, we would like to emphasize how TUTK Cloud VMS can streamline your video monitoring process. This web-based platform facilitates seamless data connectivity with IP cameras, NVRs, and more. You can remotely configure, monitor, and search footage from any location with an internet connection while benefiting from encrypted transmission for security. Additionally, through integration with the AI Box from our third-party partner, TUTK Cloud VMS delivers precise AI detection capabilities, improving efficiency in video surveillance management and mitigating the common issue of false positives associated with AI recognition. Furthermore, given the growing importance of privacy rights, the AI Box’s mosaic blur processing effectively safeguards individuals’ privacy in captured images.

Thank you once again for visiting ThroughTek’s booth at Secutech 2024. Should you have any questions or wish to explore how our products and solutions can enhance your business, please visit our website or reach out to us at We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you in the future.

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