Live Streaming and Cloud Recording Solutions Enable Comprehensive Upgrades to Dashcams

By integrating live streaming and cloud recording solutions, dashcams are empowered to achieve comprehensive monitoring. This enables fleet management to be more flexible and efficient, contributing to improved road safety, clarifying accident liabilities, and streamlining management processes, thereby saving costs for fleet operators, and enhancing fleet operational efficiency.

Using Live Streaming and Cloud Recording Solutions to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Dashcams have become indispensable assets for fleets because those with internet connectivity can transmit driving footage and data to fleet management platforms, allowing managers to effectively monitor fleets scattered across different locations. As an AIoT cloud platform service provider, ThroughTek offers the TUTK embedded player, cloud recording, and other value-added features. By integrating these solutions with dashcams, ThroughTek enhances fleet management platforms, providing functionalities such as real-time viewing of driving footage, playback of driving clips, and storage of event footage. This effectively assists operators in strengthening fleet safety, enhancing operational efficiency, and simplifying management processes, thus saving costs for fleet operators, and improving fleet operational efficiency.

Live Stream Driving Footage with TUTK Embedded Player, Right at Your Fingertips

The TUTK Embedded Player, integrated with an iframe embedding framework, can be swiftly incorporated into fleet management platforms. Managers, upon selecting the vehicle ID associated with the installed dashcam on the management platform, can instantly view the real-time driving footage of that vehicle. Moreover, conventional large vehicles are typically equipped with dashcams and cameras installed on the front, rear, left, and right sides of the vehicle. By utilizing the TUTK embedded video player, managers can conveniently access live streaming footage from all around the vehicle, enabling them to promptly monitor dynamics around the vehicle.

TUTK Cloud Recording Solutions: Recording Driving Conditions Around the Clock

ThroughTek offers a round-the-clock cloud recording solution, storing footage from dashcams in the cloud, allowing continuous recording of driving conditions. Additionally, we provide an event recording feature, storing triggered event footage in cloud servers, enabling managers to access, playback, manage, and share event videos from the driving process at any time. In summary, the cloud recording solution encompasses the following three key features:

1. Cloud Storage:

The footage is not only stored locally in the dashcam but also synchronized to cloud servers. Even if the dashcam is damaged or lost, the event videos remain securely preserved in the cloud, ensuring there is no risk of loss.

2. Event Recording:

Based on pre-set specific conditions such as collisions, sudden braking, etc., the recording function is triggered, and the relevant event footage is stored in the cloud. This helps clarify responsibility in subsequent traffic accidents and accelerates insurance compensation processes.

3. Push Notification:

Supports event-triggered push notifications. When specific events occur, notifications are immediately sent to relevant personnel to facilitate prompt actions. For example, if a vehicle is damaged by external force, the manager receives timely notifications to quickly verify the vehicle’s condition at the scene.

Collaborating with ThroughTek: Pioneering Various Value-Added Applications for Dashcams

Fleet operators face different challenges every day, but technological advancements provide various solutions to address these challenges. ThroughTek’s embedded video player supports these solutions, allowing fleet managers to view real-time footage captured by dashcams installed on vehicles, thereby making fleet management easier and more efficient. Additionally, implementing cloud recording solutions further enhances the efficiency of managing driving footage. This solution not only offers secure storage of driving footage but also enables the managers to easily access and manage critical recordings. Furthermore, even in cases of damage or theft of dashcams, the footage remains securely stored in the cloud, ensuring the integrity of the data.

ThroughTek’s Kalay AIoT platform offers a variety of IoT technologies and cloud platform services, which can further enhance the functionality of dashcams and unlock more application possibilities. If you would like to learn more about how the Kalay AIoT platform can add value to your company’s products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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