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Equipped with a dedicated app, the Hunting & Trail cameras not only showcase wildlife scenes but also automatically capture photos and videos of animal activities. Through cloud platform services, users can remotely view animal photos, replay videos, and share precious moments captured on film.

Revolutionizing Wildlife Trailing Experiences with an App and Cloud Platform Services

With the continuous advancement of technology, hunting & trail cameras have become indispensable tools for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and researchers. These cameras can detect and observe animal activities in their natural habitats without disturbing the wildlife. As a solution provider of AIoT cloud platform services, ThroughTek (TUTK) is committed to offering App OEM/ODM services and diverse cloud platform services. We collaborate with manufacturers of hunting and trail cameras, assisting them in developing Apps with a variety of outstanding features supported by cloud platform services.

Connecting the Wild World with an App and Cloud Platform Services

Combining hunting & trail cameras with an App and cloud platform services opens the door to a plethora of innovative features, enhancing the trailing and sharing experiences for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and researchers who aim to observe wildlife remotely. Here are several practical applications:

1. Capture Wild Animal Images Easily:

Capture photos and videos of wildlife in their natural habitats, whether it’s day or night. With TUTK’s Cloud Recording, users can easily record, store, replay, and efficiently manage these precious images, allowing them to relive these exciting moments at any time.

2. Motion Detection Push Notifications:

Leveraging motion detection technology, when wildlife is detected, push notifications are sent to users based on pre-set notification frequencies. This allows them to stay informed about the dynamics of wildlife, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial moments. This feature not only enhances observation efficiency but also makes the overall user experience more memorable.

3. AI Technology for Wildlife Recognition:

Utilizing the built-in AI technology of hunting & trail cameras, various wildlife species are automatically tagged on captured photos. Additionally, the App can provide data analysis on specific animal activities, such as frequency of appearance and behavior patterns, allowing users to easily understand the habits of specific wildlife.

4. Establishing Enthusiast Communities:

By creating unique communities of enthusiasts, users can easily share the distinctive images they capture, fostering close interaction and experience exchange among users. Such community platforms enrich the overall product experience and provide users with a deeper sense of engagement.

5. Integrating Positioning Feature:

Further integrating positioning functionality into an App allows users not only to mark areas of interest for hunting or observation but also to engage with other users and gain valuable experience sharing through location-sharing features. This not only enhances user interaction but also increases the overall product engagement.

6. Deploying Climate and Environmental Information:

Incorporating real-time weather and environmental data assists users in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the climate conditions at each hunting & trail camera location. Users can more accurately respond to weather changes and atmospheric pressure, while also understanding trends in animal activity, enhancing the safety of wildlife observation.

Provide an Outstanding and Innovative User Experience for Camera Users

TUTK’s Kalay AIoT platform encompasses various IoT technologies and cloud platform services, further enhancing the performance and convenience of hunting & trail cameras. Simultaneously, it catalyzes the vibrant development of such camera functionalities, providing users with a fresh user experience. Leveraging the Kalay AIoT platform, we can bring a multitude of creative ideas to life, creating more interesting and practical products to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. To explore how the Kalay AIoT platform can add value to your company’s products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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