CES 2024

ThroughTek (TUTK) is returning to Las Vegas for CES 2024. Join us from January 9, 2024, to January 12, 2024, at booth no. 50342 located in the Venetian Expo. We are excited to present a diverse array of IoT products and Kalay PaaS Solutions at CES, including Hausetopia AppCloud Recording (VSaaS PaaS)DMP (Data/Device Management Platform), and Cloud VMS (Video Management System). Here is a brief yet comprehensive preview of the IoT products and Kalay PaaS Solutions we are going to showcase at CES 2024:

Hausetopia App

Harnessing TUTK’s exclusive technologies, the Hausetopia App, a pre-built and user-friendly application, seamlessly accommodates a variety of IoT devices using diverse connectivity technologies. After receiving TUTK certification, IoT devices become readily accessible and controllable via the Hausetopia App. Notably, the Hausetopia App offers easy customization, enabling customers to create branded applications tailored to their specific requirements.

Cloud Recording 

TUTK’s Cloud Recording (VSaaS PaaS) is a cloud-based platform equipped with API documentation and servers. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional video surveillance solutions by eliminating the need for on-site server installation and system configuration. Our Cloud Recording service offers a diverse range of flexible subscription packages for cloud-based recording and storage, including options for full-time or event-based recording, 30-second event recording, and 7- or 30-day recording. Brand manufacturers can select packages that suit their specific requirements or create customized plans. Moreover, brand manufacturers have the freedom to design recording plans for their customers to choose from.


TUTK’s DMP (Data/Device Management Platform) delivers an exceptional data management experience for businesses, allowing them to remotely collect, store, view, and manage data. With this platform, businesses gain real-time monitoring capabilities over their IoT devices. Moreover, businesses can customize their data analysis criteria, including frequency, scheduling, and formulas, and visualize IoT device performance with graphs and charts, offering valuable insights and enabling faster, informed decision-making.

Cloud VMS

TUTK’s Cloud VMS (Video Management System) is a pre-configured, web-based platform that enables System Integrators (SIs) and others to seamlessly integrate video management services into their solutions. This Cloud VMS is well-suited for a wide range of applications, particularly catering to the needs of small and medium-sized chain businesses.
The Cloud VMS boasts a diverse array of practical features, such as “Dashboard,” “Smart Search,” “Share View,” “Cloud Recording,” and more. The “Dashboard” grants convenient access to vital information such as device status, event count, alert count, and event footage. “Smart Search” allows for swift retrieval of specific details, 
such as gender and outfit, significantly reducing search time. Each channel within the Cloud VMS is equipped with a share link, facilitating the effortless sharing of camera footage with authorized individuals. Lastly, the Cloud VMS provides secure cloud storage for crucial event footage, eliminating concerns about video loss due to device damage.

The exhibition highlights provide a glimpse of TUTK’s dedication to harnessing IoT technology.  To arrange a meeting with our sales team and discover how we can assist you in addressing your business challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at marketing.en@tutk.com. We eagerly anticipate your visit to our booth in January!

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