ThroughTek Co., Ltd. has remained committed to developing P2P connection technology since its inception. This technology is designed to address the complexities of fixed IP connection configurations and the high costs associated with video transmission. Moreover, owing to its outstanding stability and low latency, ThroughTek’s P2P connection technology has garnered favor among many internationally renowned brands. As of now, ThroughTek has been granted 80 patents in multiple countries, covering various aspects of P2P connectivity and cloud-based platform architecture. Recently, ThroughTek initiated legal action against a company that infringed upon its P2P patent. Subsequently, the two parties reached a settlement in the U.S. patent litigation, with the infringing company agreeing to pay both settlement fees and patent licensing fees as compensation for the infringement.

ThroughTek stated, “Striving for technological advancement is at the core of our commitment to creating value for our customers. As such, we allocate significant research and development resources and consider patented technologies crucial company assets. Recently, we have observed numerous companies disregarding intellectual property rights and infringing upon patents owned by ThroughTek. Consequently, we have taken necessary legal actions to safeguard our research efforts and protect our patent rights. In a recent development, we reached a settlement agreement with a highly acclaimed global leader in consumer electronics peripherals, boasting an annual revenue surpassing $2 billion. This company is widely recognized as a top innovator in audio/video electronics, home appliances, and advanced security solutions worldwide. During this patent settlement negotiation, we were pleased to identify complementary advantages and opportunities for future business collaboration.”

ThroughTek was founded in 2008 and initially focused on P2P connection technology. It developed the Kalay cloud platform, which featured various module functionalities, offering services such as P2P connectivity, video surveillance, cloud storage, push notifications, as well as account and device management. In recent years, ThroughTek has introduced products as Cloud Recording, Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS), and Data/Device Management Platform (DMP). As of August 2023, over 100 million devices globally are connected through ThroughTek licensing, with more than a million licensed devices added each month. This vast network of connected devices highlights the potential for IoT industry partners to offer diverse value-added services through the cloud platform, ensuring a steady income stream via a subscription-based business model. ThroughTek aims to foster collaboration with industry partners to collectively advance the thriving development of IoT-related products and services.

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