Visit ThroughTek at Computex Taipei 2023

ThroughTek Co., Ltd. (TUTK), a leading provider of AIoT cloud platform services, is excited to announce its participation in COMPUTEX 2023, one of the world’s top three ICT exhibitions. The event will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Halls 1 and 2, from May 30 to June 2. ThroughTek team is excited to welcome you at booth no. N1109a in the IoE zone, where we will present our latest array of cloud-based product developments for video surveillance and smart home solutions.

COMPUTEX is globally recognized as one of the top three ICT exhibitions, continually evolving alongside the industry to foster exploration of the latest trends and advancements in the ICT sector. We are thrilled to seize this opportunity to showcase our latest cloud-based product developments for video surveillance, including Cloud VMS, VSaaS and KDC, and smart home solutions at the event.

“Modern cloud-based surveillance systems must adhere to the concept of a single platform catering to diverse technologies. Given that the majority of security surveillance industry players lack expertise and experience in cloud system architecture, Therefore, ThroughTek naturally becomes the first choice of software partners for enterprises,” said Patrick, Kuo, CEO of ThroughTek. “Furthermore, during the initial stages of developing an on-premises surveillance system, enterprises must invest significant resources and time to develop software functionalities, establish management platforms, and subsequently assemble an internal IT team. They also need to regularly pay system integration providers for maintenance to ensure smooth system operation. However, if enterprises opt for a subscription-based cloud platform, there is no need to build the system from scratch. They can choose suitable intelligent features based on their current needs, and the maintenance responsibility lies with the cloud service provider. This allows enterprises to effortlessly utilize the most appropriate cloud functionalities through a highly flexible platform created by ThroughTek. As for system vendors and service providers, the subscription model enables diversified product service offerings and generates recurring revenue.”

The cloud-based product developments that will demonstrate at COMPUTEX not only exemplify the principles of the 3S Operation (code-named “3S”) introduced by ThroughTek a few years ago but also reflect ThroughTek’s commitment to aligning with market demands and staying at trends in the cloud-based products developments. Through the incorporation of 3S – Smart, Security, and Subscription principles, ThroughTek showcases its dedication to developing IoT technologies and cloud-based products to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Through our participation in this globally recognized ICT exhibition, we are able to showcase our commitment to IoT technology and advancements in cloud-based product development. COMPUTEX will enable us to engage in meaningful conversations surrounding the latest innovations in the industry. Additionally, we look forward to an opportunity to explore potential collaborations with interested parties, aiming to expand our range of solutions across various applications. To schedule a meeting with our dedicated ThroughTek sales team, we kindly request that you contact us in advance.

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