Get ready! ThroughTek (TUTK) will return to Las Vegas in person for CES 2023. Visit us on January 5-8, 2023, at booth 50821, the Venetian Expo. We are thrilled to be back at CES to meet with our partners and customers.
Based on the theme of “Cloud Service for IoT Device Community “, we will showcase a series of AIoT products and solutions, including the Hausetopia app, VSaaS PaaS, Cloud VMS, and DMP. These products can help businesses quickly realize cloud management of surveillance videos, data, and IoT devices and build an IoT device community conjoined by TUTK. See below for a brief introduction to the AIoT products and solutions we will demonstrate at CES.

Hausetopia App – a ready-to-use application

Hausetopia app, a pre-built ready-to-use application, delivers a secure and connected environment among IoT devices and allows users to easily create various automated scenarios.
With TUTK’s exclusive technologies, the Hausetopia app supports IoT devices using different connectivity technologies. Once IoT devices have been certified by TUTK, they can be added and controlled by the Hausetopia app. Moreover, it allows users to easily create various usage scenarios. The Hausetopia app can be easily modified, so customers can have branded apps that meet their needs.

VSaaS PaaS – Video Surveillance as a Service PaaS

TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS is a cloud-based platform with API documentation and servers. It is much more cost-effective than traditional video surveillance solutions, as it saves the hassle of on-site server installation and system configuration.

VSaaS PaaS offers a variety of flexible subscription packages for cloud recording and storage services, including full-time/event-based recording, 30-second event recording, and 7- or 30-day recording. Businesses can select packages that best suit their needs, or they can take out customized plans. For example, once a business proposed a 14-day recording plan with storage limitations, TUTK can then provide corresponding services to cater to their needs. At the same time, businesses also have the flexibility to come up with customized recording plans for their customers to choose from.

Cloud VMS – Cloud Video Management System

TUTK’s Cloud VMS is a web-based platform that allows security workers to access real-time footage, store recordings, and playback recordings anytime, anywhere. It can also incorporate WebRTC technology in the platform to enable security workers to view live feeds from the cameras on a webpage without installing any mobile applications or software.

Cloud VMS consists of several practical features, such as smart search, share view, and cloud recording. With smart search, security workers can search for specific videos through tags or by uploading photos. That makes operations more efficient as it shortens the response time. Additionally, each channel of Cloud VMS has a share link, allowing security workers to share the camera footage with authorized personnel. Lastly, Cloud VMS comes with cloud recording storage spaces. Important event footage can be backed up in the cloud securely so that security personnel does not need to worry about video loss caused by a damaged device.

DMP – Data / Device Management Platform

TUTK’s DMP provides an excellent data management experience for businesses to collect, store, view data, and manage security surveillance devices remotely. Through this platform, businesses can control and check the real-time operating status of their IoT devices. In the event of safety or security threats, businesses can utilize this platform to effectively prevent incidents from escalating.

Furthermore, businesses can define their own data analysis’ criteria such as frequency, scheduling, and formulas, and check the live stats of the IoT devices with graphs and charts. This provides useful insights and enables more informed decisions at a faster rate. Most importantly, DMP can also connect with other TUTK platforms such as VSaaS PaaS to support video-related applications.

The highlights in the exhibition will only show a part of TUTK’s commitment to leveraging IoT technology to support various hardware devices to become smarter. We will continue to cooperate with ecosystem partners to develop the IoT device community associated with TUTK.

Contact us at to schedule a meeting with our sales team and explore how we help customers address business challenges. We look forward to seeing you at our booth in January!

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