Recently Google Cloud announced that it would shut down its IoT Core Service in August 2023, giving its customers a year to move to another partner to manage their IoT devices. As explained by a Google spokesperson, “Since launching IoT Core, it has become clear that our customers’ needs could be better served by our network of partners that specialize in IoT applications and services.”

ThroughTek (TUTK) is a Google Cloud Partner, and we provide various AIoT solutions and products to fulfill the needs of different applications. As IoT applications have been booming, ThroughTek has developed a Data/Device Management Platform (DMP) for businesses to manage numerous IoT devices and the data collected from them. With the DMP, businesses can gain real-time insights from IoT data to enhance their operational efficiencies.

Through TUTK DMP, businesses are capable to monitor dispersed IoT devices scattered all over regions; moreover, they can securely connect, manage, and analyze data from the devices. The various IoT devices, such as electric meters, dashcams, home appliances, etc., can be connected to DMP via Nebula, ThroughTek’s proprietary protocol, or RESTful API effortlessly. Once the devices are integrated into the DMP, they can be organized into projects and monitored by different role levels.

TUTK Data Device Management Platform


TUTK DMP not only empowers businesses to manage those devices in an efficient, scalable, and affordable way but also enables them to handle all that data generated from the device into valuable information by analytic reports. On top of that, businesses are able to seamlessly integrate ThroughTek’s Cloud VMS, and VSaaS PaaS to add video-related uses or adopt third-party’s AI services for intelligent applications.

TUTK DMP use cases range across various industries. Some examples include:

  • Fleet Management: TUTK DMP collects satellite positioning data and live video feeds from dashcams, which allows fleet owners to manage fleets with ease. Using TUTK’s Cloud VMS, fleet owners can easily watch real-time views from vehicles via an embedded player. Additionally, event-trigger videos will be recorded and stored in the cloud automatically. The videos may support the drivers and protect the fleets. Moreover, in the case of an accident, video proof will ensure that damages are not overstated. All fleets should have the DMP for better operations and the protection of video for their businesses.
  • Power Management: TUTK DMP gathers the data from electric meters, which allow managers of organizations to simply review the overall power consumption, historic power consumption, and estimated electricity expenses, etc. Furthermore, the managers are able to check the electric consumption of each electric meter and set up alerts based on measured levels if they exceed a preset billable data limit in electric meters in a registry. When an abnormal event occurs, the related personnel will receive notifications for taking necessary measures. On top of that, the reports generated from the DMP can give the managers a better picture of the trend of power consumption, electric expenses, and so on.

Power Management 


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  • Retail Management: Retail stores often install several electric equipment for preserving food in proper conditions, and the equipment usually includes freezers, refrigerators, and electric food heaters. If the equipment fails that will cause the spoilage of food, so it should be monitored with caution to prevent such losses. TUTK DMP is capable of monitoring the electric equipment via sensors, for example, temperature sensors on freezers. Once the temperature is out of the preset values, the DMP will automatically send a notification to relevant personnel to take action. In conclusion, the DMP empowers retailers to manage electric equipment installed in stores efficiently and prevent losses caused by equipment failures.

Photo by Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash

  • Vital Signs Monitoring Solutions: With third-party AI Cameras, TUTK DMP is able to collect the data of vital signs from patients automatically and let nurses monitor patients’ body temperatures, respiratory, and heart rates at nurses ‘stations. That significantly reduces the time and manual efforts to measure the patient’s vital signs and also keeps an eye on patients 24-7 without bothering them. Moreover, the DMP will send alerts once any vital sign exceeds the preset values.

Vital Signs Monitoring Solutions

TUTK DMP is a cloud-based platform, so businesses can access it anytime anywhere, and monitor their IoT devices and data 24/7. To learn more about how the DMP can benefit your business, please visit our website or contact us at for a free consultation.