TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 10, 2022.  After a two-year gap, the physical Computex exhibition has returned and took place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall in late May 2022. ThroughTek Co., Ltd., a leading surveillance and IoT solution provider, exhibited at Computex Taipei 2022 and successfully showcased their latest AIoT solutions and products.

ThroughTek has been focusing on the development of IoT device connectivity technology and cloud platforms. At a time when AIoT applications are rapidly developing, ThroughTek has integrated 3rd party’s AI services into its cloud platforms and presented a comprehensive AIoT solution that includes ThroughTek’s AI Video Surveillance Solutions and Data / Device Management Platform (DMP), both taking center stage at Computex Taipei 2022.

ThroughTek’s AI video surveillance solutions allow businesses to add AI functionalities to existing IP-based cameras, enabling new analytics capabilities on deployed IP-based cameras. The AI-enabled video surveillance solutions include facial and object recognition technologies that can accelerate response times by quickly identifying people and objects. Additionally, the data from the AI video surveillance solutions can be collected, stored, and seamlessly managed on ThroughTek’s Data / Device Management Platform (DMP). Furthermore, businesses can define their own data analysis criteria that enable them to gain useful insights and make informed decisions in real time.

At Computex Taipei 2022, ThroughTek also showcased surveillance and IoT solutions, including ThroughTek’s first-ever chipset, VSaaS PaaS, Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS), and smart home solutions.ThroughTek’s representatives actively communicated with professional audiences on-site and won much acclaim. ThroughTek will continue its commitment to the industry and provide an unmatched level of responsive support and reliable solutions to businesses from different fields.

Computex Taipei 2022

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