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TUTK, a leading surveillance and IoT solution provider, will display its latest AIoT solutions and products at the Computex Taipei 2022. Computex is a major ICT and IoT trade show in the world which schedules to happen between May 24 – 27, 2022, in Taipei, Taiwan.

This year, TUTK will reveal its first-ever chipset. With the adoption of the chipset, companies can quickly adopt TUTK’s IoT technologies to carry out various IoT applications. In addition to the chipset, TUTK will showcase the following AIoT solutions:

AI Video Surveillance Solutions
TUTK has adopted edge AI and cloud AI for video surveillance solutions that allow businesses to add AI functionalities to existing IP-based cameras, enabling new analytics capabilities on the numerous already deployed IP-based cameras.

The AI-enabled video surveillance solutions include facial and object recognition technologies that can accelerate response times by quickly identifying people and objects. The facial and object recognition technologies allow businesses to make more informed decisions while reacting to incidents promptly. For example, as cameras spotted unknown persons or objects placed in a common area, they can send signals back to inform security personnel to avoid potential disastrous events from happening.

Smart Home Solutions
With a strong focus on the technology that builds intelligent connections and communication between devices, TUTK’s Kalay Platform can easily integrate and expand smart home devices. It empowers businesses to implement cloud services on their products so that a more holistic smart home solution can be delivered to their customers. Speaking of TUTK’s smart home solution, one must mention its multi-functional, multi-purpose app, called Hausetopia. It allows users to manage and control various smart home devices coming from different brands and models through one single application. With a ready-to-use template, Hausetopia is a perfect application for businesses that is in urgent need of a ready-to-use application to shorten the services to market time. TUTK’s smart home solutions also empower businesses to create customized services with a wide range of TUTK’s IoT technologies and cloud-based platforms with ease.

Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS)
TUTK’s Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS) is a web-based platform that allows security workers to check surveillance videos anytime and anywhere. With the help of TUTK’s Cloud VMS, security workers can access real-time footage, store recordings, and playback recordings readily. It can also incorporate the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology in the platform to enable security workers to view live feeds from the cameras on a webpage without installing any app or software. Also, TUTK’s Cloud VMS consists of several practical features, such as smart search, share view, and cloud recording. With smart search, security workers can search for specific videos through tags or by uploading photos. This makes operations more efficient as it shortens the response time. Also, each channel of the Cloud VMS has a share link, allowing security workers to share the camera footage with authorized people. Lastly, TUTK’s Cloud VMS comes with cloud recording storage spaces. Important event footage can be backed up in the cloud, so that security workers do not have to worry about video loss caused by a damaged device or device failure.

Data / Device Management Platform (DMP)
TUTK’s Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) provides an excellent data management experience for businesses to collect, store, view data, and manage security surveillance devices remotely. Through this platform, businesses can control and check the real-time operating status of the IoT devices. In the event of safety or security threats, businesses can utilize this platform to effectively prevent incidents from getting worse. Furthermore, businesses can define their own data analysis’ criteria such as frequency, scheduling, formulas, and check the live stats of the IoT devices with graphs and charts. This enables businesses to gain useful insights and make informed decisions at a faster rate. Lastly, DMP can also connect with other TUTK’s platforms such as VSaaS PaaS to support video-related applications.

Video Surveillance as a Service PaaS (VSaaS PaaS)
TUTK’s Video Surveillance as a Service PaaS (VSaaS PaaS) offers cloud recording and cloud storage services. It offers a variety of flexible subscription packages for cloud recording and storage services, including full-time/event-based recording, 30-second event recording, and 7- or 30-day recording. Businesses can select plans that suit their needs, or they can customize their recording plans. For example, once a business proposed a 14-day recording plan with storage limitations, TUTK can then provide corresponding services to cater to their needs. At the same time, businesses also have the flexibility to come up with customized recording plans for their end users to choose from.

TUTK believes that these AIoT solutions exemplify the innovative AIoT technologies and the versatile capability of its solutions. Be sure to check out TUTK’s booth at no. N0206 at Computex Taipei 2022 to see these solutions in action!

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