TUTK Surveillance System

According to Statista, a trusted market and consumer data platform, “security surveillance is a growing market. Technology plays a major role in enhancing security and surveillance capabilities by offering many increasingly technical solutions, such as alarms, access control devices, and video surveillance. In 2023, the video surveillance market is projected to be worth 62.6 billion U.S. dollars, with infrastructure applications forecast to make up over 36 percent of the global market.”

TUTK, a leading surveillance and IoT solution provider, offers smart surveillance solutions that allow businesses to provide various surveillance services for their customers. Businesses can adopt TUTK’s VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS, Hausetopia app, P2P / IoT Connection, or Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) to enrich as well as to enhance their security services.

VSaaS PaaS
TUTK’s VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS includes cloud recording and cloud storage. It offers a flexible subscription package for cloud recording and storage services, including full-time/event-based recording, 30-second event recording, and 7- or 30-day recording plans. Businesses can select plans that suit their needs, or they can customize recording plans. For instance, businesses can propose a 14-day recording plan or have storage limitations. TUTK can provide corresponding services to cater to businesses’s needs. At the same time, businesses also have the flexibility to come up with customized recording plans for their end-users to choose from.

Hausetopia App
Hausetopia is a multi-functional application that enables businesses to provide various comprehensive video surveillance services for their customers. Hausetopia app supports and manages various IoT devices including IP cameras and access control devices. End-users such as house owners can then watch IP camera’s live feed through the Hausetopia app anytime and anywhere. Moreover, Hausetopia app can support most if not all of the functionality that the device comes with such as two-way audio communication. It allows users to interact with one another remotely similar to a walkie-talkie. Also, when events happen, users will receive push notifications so they can take necessary actions to prevent mishaps. With the help of TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS, users can watch the event-triggered video clips as well as download them for other application usages.

P2P / IoT Connection
TUTK’s P2P / IoT Connection offers a fast, easy-to-set-up, stable and secure connection between IoT devices and end users’ devices. It also allows end-users to remotely access or control IoT devices. Security devices such as IP cams, DVRs, and NVRs are particularly suitable to utilize this technology to ensure a smart surveillance environment. Additionally, not only does it make direct communication between end-users and IoT devices possible, but it also effectively saves server and bandwidth costs. The P2P Connection fee is charged based on the amount of bandwidth used. And TUTK provides Kalay Developer Console (KDC) for businesses to review the amount of bandwidth used for better cost management.

Data / Device Management Platform (DMP)
TUTK’s Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) provides an excellent data management experience for businesses to collect, store, view data, and manage security surveillance devices remotely. Through this platform, businesses can control and check the real-time operating status of IoT devices. Once businesses detect abnormalities, they can then utilize this platform to effectively prevent incidents from getting worse. Furthermore, businesses can define their own data analysis’ criteria, including frequency, scheduling, and formulas, and check the real-time performance of the IoT devices with graphs and charts. This enables businesses to gain useful insights and make informed decisions at a faster rate. Lastly, DMP can also connect with other TUTK’s platforms such as VSaaS PaaS to support video-related applications.

In summary, TUTK’s smart surveillance solutions can enhance IP camera and DVR/NVR/XVR providers’ existing security services while allowing them to provide various latest surveillance solutions for their customers. These solutions are also ideal for ISP (Internet Service Provider) and telecom providers to establish their own security services to offer to their customers to create more business opportunities. To learn more about how TUTK can benefit your businesses, please visit our website, or contact us at marketing.en@tutk.com.

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