2022 Innovation Show

ThroughTek (TUTK), a leading IoT, cloud solution provider, received numerous warm feedback after holding its first in-house exhibition, “2022 TUTK Innovation Show”. Guests were pleased to learn about its various successful IoT cases. A complete report regarding this event is introduced below.

TUTK’s DMP (Data/Device Management Platform) was designed to provide a better IoT device and data management user experience. Some of DMP’s highlights are listed below:

  • Device Management: IoT devices can readily be connected to DMP to illustrate device information, which are organized according to project, category, or region.
  • Unlimited Storage: DMP offers cloud storage for users to purchase. So, they do not need to worry about backing up valuable data or loss of data.
  • Platform Expansion: DMP solution can connect with other TUTK platforms such as VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service), or Cloud VMS (Video Management System) to meet video-related demands.

TUTK’s DMP empowers businesses across industries to manage IoT devices and collect data. Monitoring and recording data coming from telematics devices, set-top boxes, and electricity meters are some of its popular applications.

IoT Solution
“Hausetopia” is a word that combined the German word, “Hause” (house) and “utopia” to portray a smart living environment ideology. It is an app that was developed by TUTK to empower users to monitor and control devices to create a “smart home” environment. Devices from different vendors with different protocols can all be built on TUTK’s Nebular protocol, which can be controlled by the Hausetopia app. This allows users to create a variety of modes such as “away mode” or “home mode” that can enhance people’s well-being and security level. Here are some of the highlights:

  • One App to Control All Devices: Devices that have integrated TUTK’s SDK can be added into Hausetopia. In other words, devices with different protocols coming from different brands can all be controlled and managed via this single app.
  • Create a Smart Living EnvironmentAs TUTK’s Nebula protocol supports IFTTT, users can create different modes or scenarios to cater to their needs. For example, one can set an “away mode” to turn off household appliances and a “home mode” to turn on appliances such as lighting, fan, and air conditioning.
  • Video Surveillance for Home Security: Leveraging on TUTK’s P2P connection expertise, Hausetopia app can combine IP cameras to deliver video surveillance services. This acts as a security measure to keep any suspicious activity at bay. Also, users can watch live stream videos on Alexa Echo or Google Home using voice commands.

The Hausetopia app has been adopted by a well-known OTT (Over-the-Top), set-top box, and cable service provider. In total, TUTK developed 3 apps for them.
This includes a customized app for viewing IoT devices on the TV, an Hausetopia-based app for end-users to remote control their IoT devices, and an engineering app that can track installation progress. As installation workers need to go to different households to install set-top boxes, cables, and other IoT devices, they can use the engineering app to report on their work progress. On the other end, the cable service provider is then able to monitor their device status and manage customer accounts via TUTK’s DMP platform. This, in turn, allows them to provide better service to their customers.

VSaaS PaaS
VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS refers to cloud video recording services. The service includes cloud video recording and cloud storage. Viewing from an end user’s perspective, it also enables them to manage, record, play, and monitor the footage of surveillance products. Moreover, it offers several distinguishing features that empower businesses to provide value-added services.

  • Flexible Cloud Recording and Storage Subscription Plans: TUTK offers several different subscription packages for cloud recording and storage services. Businesses can either select the plans that suit their needs, or TUTK can come up with plans that tailor to their needs.
  • Product Development Boost: TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS allows companies to easily integrate with third-party account management (AM)/device management (DM) services, apps, or even payment services. Also, TUTK can customize AM/DM and build customized apps with extensive services to suit clients’ needs.

TUTK’s VSaaS PaaS not only provides the essential elements of cloud-based services, but it also reduces clients’ product development processes to accelerate time to market.

Smart Door Lock
BaiFu, a leading traditional lock manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, has cooperated with TUTK to develop a smart door lock solution. In this project, TUTK delivered its cloud services, developed a customized app, and integrated its SDK with the door lock. The solution highlights are listed below:

  • Visitor check: The smart door lock has a built-in camera. When a visitor touches the smart door lock, the camera will automatically take a photo of the visitor and upload the photo to TUTK’s cloud, and send a push notification to the house owner. The house owner can then check the photo via the app.
  • Video doorbell: The smart door lock includes a video doorbell function that enables the house owner to see whoever is at the door. And the smart doorbell and the app support two-way audio communication. So the house owner can communicate with the visitor to open the door through the app.
  • Access control: The smart door lock enables house owners to decide who can enter the house at any given time. For example, authorized visitors such as nannies can enter the house during a particular period that’s set by the house owner.

Besides the smart door lock solution, BaiFu and TUTK also have been collaborating to develop a smart home, AI camera solution, which integrates an AI camera and a custom app powered by TUTK. The AI camera can recognize elderly members. And once these elderly members leave home, a push notification will be sent to the house owner, allowing house owners to take necessary countermeasures in real time. TUTK provides customized solutions according to BaiFu’s demands in order to enhance its product features and provide better solutions in the market.

Cloud VMS and AI Image Recognition
TUTK has been keeping up with the market trends and developing Cloud VMS (Video Management System) to cater to market demands. The Cloud VMS allows users to access real-time videos, record, store, and playback recorded videos. It can also combine the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology to allow users to view live feeds from the cameras through a webpage without installing any app or software. Moreover, administrators can assign different levels of accessibility for people in different job functions.

Next, when an event happens, notifications will be sent to users via e-mail, social media, or SMS which allow users to take necessary actions immediately. At the same time, the event will be recorded and saved in the cloud automatically once users purchased TUTK’s cloud recording services (TUTK’s VSaaS). With the help of cloud recording, even if the recording device is broken, the video footage will still be saved securely for future investigation use.

For most manufacturers, it could be difficult to have a video viewer embedded in the platform. To address this issue, TUTK provides an embedded player that can be quickly integrated into platforms using the iframe syntax. With the help of TUTK’s Cloud VMS platform, customer’s platform can have an intelligent video viewing function easily.

The Cloud VMS has integrated with third-parties AI algorithms to provide an AI dashcam, AI dongle, and AI camera. The AI dashcam is installed on a truck to continuously analyze road conditions ahead to avoid collisions. It also detects driver behaviors to prevent bad driving behaviors. On the other hand, the AI dongle can sense people’s age, gender, emotion, and whether they have their masks on or not. This allows retailers to better analyze their customers as well as to spot any suspicious persons. Last but not least, TUTK collaborated with an AI company to provide an AI camera that can recognize numerous objects including cars, persons, cell phones, dogs, and others. From a security standpoint, this camera can detect any suspicious item and can send push notifications to whoever is responsible to prevent accidents from happening.

TUTK’s solutions support businesses from numerous industries to enter the IoT market. The solutions further reduce the product development processes and accelerate time to market. TUTK aims to enhance its customers’ products to create better solutions. To learn more about TUTK’s solutions, please visit its website: www.throughtek.com or contact them at marketing.en@tutk.com

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