P2P Connection Technology

ThroughTek’s P2P Connection Technology is designed to offer full communication infrastructure that allows easy, fast, and secure connections directly between IoT devices and end-user clients. Moreover, it enables end-user clients to remotely and directly access and control IoT devices with ease.

Compared to traditional connection technology, ThroughTek’s P2P Connection Technology can save costs on server implementation and data transmission that could assist IoT device brand owners and service providers to offer their products/services more cost-efficiently. Furthermore, P2P Connection Technology provides the following advantages:

  • Across all operating systems: IoT devices can be connected across all operating systems and platforms through P2P Connection Technology.
  • Low latency: P2P Connection Technology is ideal for transmitting large amounts of data with high efficiencies, such as audio/video files, and it delivers data without relying on a third party which could significantly reduce the latency of data transmission.
  • More secure: Using a decentralized architecture, the P2P Connection Technology considerably simplifies the pairing and communication process between IoT devices and end-user clients. Additionally, due to the decentralized design, the risks of data tampering or breach from malicious third parties are effectively reduced, and users’ data are extensively protected.

Due to the advantages of P2P Connection Technology, the technology has been widely used in various IoT devices, including IP cameras, baby monitors, pet cameras, and smart locks, etc. The P2P Connection Technology has shown it can be adopted in various products and will be featured in more applications in the future.

ThroughTek (TUTK), a solution provider of IoT cloud platforms, has been developing various cloud PaaS solutions with IoT technologies, and it aims to support enterprises from different fields to enter IoT markets and captivate the dynamic markets. To learn more about how we can benefit your business, please visit our website or contact us at marketing.en@tutk.com.

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