Kalay PaaS Solution

ThroughTek (TUTK), a leading solution provider of IoT cloud service platforms, has been developing various PaaS solutions based on its Kalay Platform 2.0. Through the Kalay PaaS solution, businesses can enhance their product portfolios and provide value-added products to win more customers. Recently, a leading lock manufacturer with over 40 years of experience approached ThroughTek and decided to utilize Kalay PaaS solution and app to develop a comprehensive smart door lock solution.

ThroughTek worked closely with the lock manufacturer to understand the functions needed to be applied to the smart door lock. After frequent discussions and deep understanding, ThroughTek has prudently employed exceptional modular features of the Kalay PaaS solution, including real-time video streaming, two-way communication, cloud storage, OTA upgrade, and push notification on the smart door lock solution. Furthermore, ThroughTek has built a custom smartphone app, based on the structure of the Kalay Platform, to better fulfill the requirements and provide innovative services. Through the Kalay PaaS solution and the customized smartphone app, the smart door lock is not only a lock for doors, but a comprehensive solution.

Generally, a smart door lock refers to electromechanical locking devices that are designed to lock and unlock a door when receiving instructions from an authorized device with a wireless protocol. With the added convenience of not requiring a physical key, a smart door lock usually can be opened via a smartphone app, biometric authority, access code, or key tag. Having said that, the comprehensive smart door lock solution combined with Kalay PaaS solution and the custom smartphone app can go beyond a smart door lock and offers various intelligent services:

  • Visitor check: The smart door lock has a built-in camera, and when a visitor touches the smart door lock, the camera will automatically take a photo of the visitor and upload the photo to the cloud for storage. At the same time, the user will receive a notification, and he/she can easily check the photo via the custom smartphone app. This allows the user to know who is visiting, and if an unpleasant visitor appears, the user can make necessary actions accordingly.
  • Video doorbell: The smart door lock includes a video doorbell function that enables the user to see who is at the door and answer the door via the smartphone app at any time from anywhere. Even when the user is traveling or away, he/she can know who is visiting their home and also receive important notifications. Additionally, the user can use voice change mode to answer the door with a different voice, which may be particularly suitable for single ladies who lived alone to avoid harassment from strangers. Furthermore, a burglar may ring the doorbell to see if anyone is at home before breaking into the house, therefore, answering the doors in real-time via the smartphone app could prevent a burglar from attempting to enter the house.
  • Access control: The smart door lock empowers the user to decide who can open a certain door at a specific time, which allows authorized visitors to access the houses during a particular period without restrictions. For instance, the user can let his/her babysitter freely open the front door at 8:00 – 9:00 am., while at other times the babysitter cannot open the front door and enter the house.

ThroughTek’s Kalay PaaS solution and app readily support enterprises from different fields to enter IoT markets, further reducing the product development process and accelerating time to market. Moreover, ThroughTek aims to assist enterprises to enrich their products and win in the markets. To learn more about how we can benefit your business, please visit our website or contact us at marketing.en@tutk.com.

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