Hausetopia App

“Hausetopia” combines the German word Hause (house) and Utopia, in the creation of a smart home mobile application that empowers users to integrate and control smart home devices conveniently. Moreover, Hausetopia App supports IP cameras and various smart home devices from different vendors, allowing users to easily create a variety of usage scenarios across devices interconnectedly and build a more convenient and secure living environment.

Smart home represents a complex system of devices, connectivity, and cybersecurity, and the Hausetopia App, integrating ThroughTek’s exclusive technology, empowers users to effortlessly manage all their smart home devices with one single app. Here are the most essential features of Hausetopia App that could greatly benefit users:

  • One App Integrates All Smart Home Devices
Traditionally, smart home devices from different brands run on their own smartphone app, which means users need to download numerous apps in order to control each of their smart home devices. The Hausetopia App was developed to address this issue. Through Hausetopia, the devices that incorporated ThroughTek’s Kalay SDK can be integrated and managed smoothly without any compatibility issues. More importantly, users can control various smart home devices from any brand in one single app and manage their smart homes effortlessly.
  • A Decentralized Architecture to Ensure Enhanced Information Security
Hausetopia App adopted a decentralized architecture, which considerably simplifies the pairing and communication process between smart home devices and enables optimal flexibility for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) interaction. Additionally, due to the decentralized design, the risks of data tampering or breach from malicious third parties are effectively reduced, and users’ data are extensively protected.
  • Leverages P2P technology to deliver Video Surveillance Services for securing homes

ThroughTek is an expert on P2P connection technology development. P2P technology allows various smart home devices to be directly connected, and the data generated from the devices can be smoothly transmitted, especially video and audio data that require sizable bandwidth. Hausetopia App leverages P2P technology to deliver video surveillance services, which allow users to keep a close watch on their homes at any time, from anywhere.

With Hausetopia App, users can customize scenarios with a multitude of different smart home devices, flexibly selecting devices and services that fit their needs without compatibility concerns. Hausetopia App lets users enjoy the benefits of an automation home and provides distinctive functions and various services for users to make their home more convenient and secure.