Established for over 10 years, ThroughTek, an IoT platform cloud provider based in Taiwan, kicks off the new year by making its debut at CES 2020, which will take place on January 7 in Las Vegas. At the event, ThroughTek will introduce its 3S operation and unveil the upgraded core platform technology, Kalay Platform 2.0.

Since the Kalay Platform was launched in 2015, it has enabled connectivity in the cloud for more than 66 million global customers with devices. Among these devices, 80% are image or surveillance-based IP camera-related products. Besides providing connectivity for video surveillance devices, the Kalay Platform also enables sensors to allow interactivity for IoT devices working together. In the second half of 2019, ThroughTek invested to provide a stronger service capability by implementing a new decentralized architecture for the Kalay Platform. The new platform will enable an increased level of data security for IoT solutions with imaging and sensor applications. It also aims to provide a subscription-based economy to match the social demand for subscription service models. Making its debut at CES, ThroughTek is fully prepared to showcase its wide range of cloud service offerings, attracting various industry sectors.

3S Operation code-name introduces the Kalay Platform 2.0

ThroughTek’s 3S Operation, code-named “3S” stands for Smart, Security, and Subscription. Besides demonstrating the core advantages of its upgraded Kalay Platform 2.0, the operation also represents ThroughTek’s take on meeting new trends and market demands for cloud applications. In addition to providing a comprehensive set of modular features, the Kalay Platform 2.0 can seamlessly integrate third-party application services, such as AI image recognition, IFTTT, or other automation tools. The platform also enables interoperability between different communication protocols and technology brands so that users can effectively and conveniently execute commands to realize true “smart living.”

  • Smart: Kalay Platform 2.0’s “decentralized” architecture considerably simplifies the pairing and communication process, which allows for greater flexibility and interoperability between devices. This empowers homeowners and consumers to easily control and manage their devices by creating their own custom scenarios and rules settings.
  • Security: The first step to improving data security is by addressing the vulnerabilities of UID pairing process design. Kalay Platform 2.0 upgraded to a new two-phased UID design, which combines multi-tiered authentication and end-to-end encryption for dynamic key pairing. With a decentralized design, communication across servers, end devices, and users is safeguarded to prevent data breaches, while improving online privacy and protection.
  • Subscription: To meet the demands of new market trends and the growth of subscription-based models, ThroughTek launched monthly cloud subscription services to offer its customers greater flexibility compared to the traditional one-time sale model. ThroughTek’s focus on the lifetime value of services will greatly benefit its customers. The Kalay Platform serves as an intermediary, connecting Edge AI and Cloud AI, to create solutions for customers looking for cloud subscription service models. Subscription services can provide, for example, advanced services with the combination of surveillance applications and facial recognition using Kalay VSaaS and AI, to deliver valuable insights from the data and images captured, as well as create valuable offerings for revenue-generating services.

KDC makes deployment capabilities easier for operators and developers

In addition to providing customers with services that provide enhanced process flows and operational efficiencies, ThroughTek’s R&D team recently developed a Kalay Developer Console (KDC) service, which allows operators, installers and developers to effectively integrate services and information with transparency on the Kalay Platform, to improve automation and online collaboration processes. It also provides scalable solutions that make it easy for deployments of large quantity devices that require installation and managed services from a backend system.

Hausetopia: An universal app for ultimate control of devices

Besides introducing the upgraded Kalay Platform 2.0, ThroughTek will also unveil Hausetopia, a new smart home app designed for managing devices in the white-label market. The name of the app combines the German word “Hause” (house) and Utopia to provide seamless integration of various IoT devices operating on different systems and communication protocols across different brands. With the Hausetopia app, users can easily connect, manage, and control their devices without having to worry about sticking to one brand or the complexities of setting up multiple apps for each device. The Hausetopia app will greatly benefit hardware suppliers and end users that are already using the Kalay Platform, as it will allow for user-friendly integration and enable interoperability among a variety of IoT devices, such as IP cameras, routers, sensor devices, and other home appliances. In the near future, end users will be able to easily identify products that are a part of Kalay Platform’s device community or are powered by its cloud services and technology on the packaging label.

ThroughTek recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, as well as achievements and milestones made over the last decade. 2020 will be a pivotal year for ThroughTek, as the team works continuously to develop and advance the Kalay Platform based on market trends and demands to create valuable new services that will shape the future of IoT solutions.

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