LTE-M technology will play a pivotal role in the evolution of IoT, covering applications for both 4G and 5G networks. ThroughTek, a cloud platform provider from Taiwan has jointly collaborated with 4G LTE-M module maker, Sierra Wireless, and video solution provider, LOCT, on developing the LTE-M IP camera. The LTE-M IP camera was first showcased at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 this past January and again at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), attracting both domestic and international providers. Upon returning to Taiwan, ThroughTek will be attending the Smart City Expo to take place on March 26 with the aim to target telecom providers.

The IP camera supports LTE-M standards for data transmission. Through the use of IoT-enabled SIM cards, the device can transmit images in an outdoor environment, where a Wi-Fi network is unavailable. With the advantage of having a ready-to-use out-of-the-box feature, the device is expected to revolutionize products by providing solutions for the monitoring, security, smart industry, and smart agriculture industries.

The LTE-M IP Camera breaks through the constraints of space, providing a complete solution for outdoor IoT applications.

Entering the IoT era, a large number of devices will need to be connected in order to realize various types of use cases and applications. Currently, Low-power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology is most commonly used to create IoT applications, as it enables wide area coverage, consumes less power, and can easily be deployed. Most outdoor IoT applications today are geared towards the use of a variety of sensors to collect real-time data on monitoring devices and environmental changes, however, the current market lacks video monitoring applications. This is because LPWAN technology has its limitations, especially in transmitting large volumes of data, which comes at a higher cost with using chip modules that support the technology. The latest LTE-M IP Camera is unique because its image processing uses compression technology to take into account the volume of data being transmitted and image resolution. Designed with the use of a rechargeable battery, the device can handle low-power operation to extend its battery life. The device meets the IP65 rating to protect against dust and is also water resistant, suitable for use in outdoor environments. Most importantly, the plug-and-play feature allows the device to quickly deploy in remote large-scale outdoor areas such as farms, fish farms, and event sites, fulfilling the needs for outdoor IoT applications.

Kalay Platform’s advanced technology provides enhanced data transmission security and privacy.

In response to the increasing demand for wide bandwidth data transmission, ThroughTek upgraded the Kalay Platform’s core technology to support the transmission of narrowband data solutions. With data security and privacy as a primary concern, ThroughTek uses a decentralized design for its solution, using end-to-end encryption to enhance privacy protection for users. It supports IFTTT (short for IF This Then That) for automating tasks to enable users to easily manage their devices and create custom scenarios. Additionally, the Kalay Platform also supports the integration of smart voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home, as well as other third-party APIs to provide comprehensive smart services, enabling brands to easily deploy smart devices that meet end users’ needs. Besides showcasing the LTE-M IP Camera at the four-day 2019 Smart City Expo, ThroughTek will also display security applications for police and military use, smart home, and smart building, as well as 4G body-worn camera, lighting cameras, smart voice assistants, and other IoT devices. Visit our booth at #I327

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