Taipei, Taiwan – ThroughTek, a leading IoT (Internet-of-Things) platform and cloud solutions provider, announced that it was granted the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 certification by the British Standards Association (BSI) after nearly a year of independent, external assessments. The ISO 27001 certification includes the Kalay Platform’s cloud services and information management systems.

Patrick Kuo, CEO at ThroughTek, along with the company’s newly established security management team accepted the ISO 27001: Information Security Management certification earlier this month. The certification ensures that ThroughTek’s cloud service platform and information management systems are in line with international standards to deliver secured cloud services for businesses and provide a higher-level of assurance for consumers using IoT services and products.

ThroughTek’s accreditation of ISO 27001 entails two main categories, including the development of the Kalay Platform, system operation and management of network and servers.

“We strive to achieve excellence in providing video streaming data. As the number of data being collected from IoT devices and surveillance cameras continues to increase, the security of video data and account information becomes more important than ever. The most common question we hear from our customers is about security, so providing security solutions has always been part of our continuous effort,” said Patrick Kuo, CEO of ThroughTek.

To ensure that data is well protected on the Kalay Platform, Patrick Kuo has requested the R&D team for software and firmware to strengthen the security mechanism and implement tighter security controls and management verified by ISO international standards.

The verification process of ISO 27001 requires examination of internal and external risks and potential threats and identifies security vulnerabilities to ensure that ThroughTek and the Kalay Platform can prevent security incidents and provide tight security measures. In the future, ThroughTek will continue to commit to improving security management and data protection to meet international standards.


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