ThroughTek, IoT total solution provider for device connectivity and video technology, has collaborated with a leading chipset provider and automotive manufacturing company in China to develop a low-power video surveillance solution for the connected car. The monitoring system became available last month for a select model in China and will be available for other well-known brands later this year.

ThroughTek’s video surveillance technology is integrated into a built-in camera within the vehicle, enabling auto manufacturers to easily plug-in IoT service offerings to improve the user experience. IoT services that may be implemented include:

  • Live Monitoring – provides real-time video streaming for owners to gain access and remotely monitor their cars with a mobile app
  • Video Recording – continuous or event-based recording to capture and safeguard critical moments for playback at a later time
  • Smart Alerts – receives intelligent notifications with live video to know what’s happening when an alarm is triggered
  • Social Sharing – captures and shares snapshots or video streams of critical moments to assigned devices
  • Over-the-Air – allows software updates over-the-air to improve or add functionality to in-vehicle apps

With the rise of the connected car, automakers will need to work closely with solution providers to integrate non-traditional, advanced interconnected services. The integration of IoT solutions will ultimately help automakers gather real-time information and turn both driver and vehicle data into predictive models to enhance future safety and security features while providing more convenience for drivers and passengers,” said Austin Tu, Director of Business Development at ThroughTek.

The significant increase in new vehicles equipped with connected services will disrupt traditional business models and open new opportunities for the automotive industry. ThroughTek joins leading auto manufacturers in the connected car revolution, by delivering fast and reliable video streaming services that will change the way drivers and owners interact with their vehicles.

About ThroughTek

ThroughTek, a leading IoT total solution provider, is committed to the development of its Kalay Platform. With an extensive partnership for OEM/ODM, technology brands and integration support from over 180 different SOCs, Kalay Platform provides rapid deployment for a variety of devices. Complemented by exceptional modular features including video transmission, cloud recording, automation and data analytics, Kalay provides intelligent solutions to help businesses maximize opportunities and enhance customer experiences for countless application environments, including smart retail, smart building, health care, surveillance, wearable device, home automation, and security systems.

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