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More Convenience for Abocom

Abocom Systems Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets networking products for Internet solution and home networking solution. The Company's products include local area network (LAN) cards, Ethernet cards, flash memory cards, modems, and other related products.


AboCom, entered the home automation market as a new player and introduced the Smart Plug, their first product offering. Accordingly, AboCom required an experienced technology partner to provide a seamless, easy to integrate offering, enabling consumers to control all household devices from within a single app.


ThroughTek provides full support for home automation systems, enabling complete management of home assets. With P2P (peer-to-peer) connectivity and user-friendly functionality, homeowners can easily communicate directly with their home anytime and anywhere.

The integration of ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform to the Smart Plug allowed Abocom to extend its application to a wide variety of smart home system devices such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, environmental monitoring (e.g. temperature and humidity), lighting control, shades/blinds/curtain control, and control of audio/video systems. With the Kalay App solution, AboCom could quickly deliver a customized app, Smart Home Master, to extend its services and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Time to Market
  • Seamless integration of the Kalay Platform enables Abocom to shortens time-to-market and reduce development costs

  • Valuable Services
  • Guided by ThroughTek’s solid knowledge and experience of home automation horizontal integration, Abocom is able to extend product lines and services by leveraging the Kalay Platform

  • Flexible Options
  • Delivery of the easy and user-friendly Smart Home Master app users can access all devices through a single app allowing them to manage energy consumption, utility costs, and monitor, as well as respond to, changing conditions in real time

  • Easy Integration
  • The Smart Plug makes existing devices compatible with any home automation systems, meaning users avoid the expense of purchase new devices