Over 66 million IoT devices successfully connected

ThroughTek pays close attention to the protection of data security. This includes security to support the Kalay Platform and enterprise MIS systems, as well as being certified by ISO 27001 to ensure data security.

ThroughTek has also reached GDPR compliance, and continue to follow up and share our experience with customers and supplier partners:

  • Enhance privacy awareness and related education and training
  • Data analysis to understand owned or handled
  • Updated Privacy Policy and related operating procedures
  • Usage of higher security information technology
  • Optimize the protection of products and services
  • Review contracts of users, business partners and suppliers
  • Appoint Data Protection Officer to coordinate responsibility for protection of personal data

The Kalay Platform 2.0 has newly developed decentralized structure which simplifies the role of the primary server to work as an intermediary transmitter. It efficiently reduces the chances of a server being compromised or data being intercepted.