Over 66 million IoT devices successfully connected

Kalay Platform 2.0

In 2019, the Kalay Platform upgraded to Kalay Platform 2.0 to simplify the pairing and communication between devices with a new decentralized technology architecture and protocol. It allows for greater flexibility and security between machine-to-machine connectivity.

  • More Smart

With the Kalay Platform 2.0 technology protocol, devices in smart home applications can easily interact with each other. It allows for greater flexibility and security between M2M connectivity. It also supports IFTTT, and is interoperable with voice assistant devices to provide end users a more convenient, secure, and flexible smart living solution.

  • More Secure

This newly developed decentralized structure simplifies the role of the primary server to work as an intermediary transmitter, which reduces the chances of a server being compromised or data being intercepted.

Kalay 2.0 is designed using a two-factor UID and end-to-end encryption to support multi-factor authentication and dynamic key-pairing, the new solution ensures protection for the end-user's data and transmission.