Over 66 million IoT devices successfully connected

Services to Transform Your Business

Kalay Cloud provides the best possible management of devices and services to enhance your relationship with customers and ultimately to help increase your revenues. Kalay Platform provides a comprehensive cloud structure and scalable modular features that include video streaming services, flexible cloud recording and storage plans, device and account management, data analytics to provide status and insights on devices, billing services to help businesses create opportunities with intelligent solutions.

Relay / P2P Server

Reliable and cost-effective solution without further delays.

Direct connection for instant access between devices.

Streaming Server

Monitor and record videos on demand anytime.

Supports live streaming, full time or event specific recordings.

Cloud Storage

Low maintenance and flexible storage options.

Store a broad range of data for immediate access anytime.

Device Management

Locate and manage all devices by group or individually.

Collect and record device data for further analysis.

Account Management

Define multiple user types, and manage user permission.

Monitor login status and activity.

OTA Upgrade

Update software with OTA using a mobile app to spend less time manually.

Keep the better seamless experience to save the costs.

Push Notifications

Be informed on device status and never miss an event.

Customize notifications to deliver text, image or video

Data Analytics

Valuable insight on real-time analytics with visualization.

Recognize patterns to improve business operations.

Billing System

Supports integration of payment solutions.

(IAP, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay)